In-House Production


In-house production

At Dametric we can proudly boast comprehensive expertise across a large number of technical areas. Thanks to our advanced production resources, we are able to successfully cover every aspect of the manufacturing process. This means that we control everything from research and development to actual production.

Electronic development

We design our own hardware, which often includes microprocessor based systems and the use of the Controller Area Network (CAN system). Furthermore, we have considerable expertise in PCB design.

Software development

Our products include PC and mobile device based software applications that communicate with our external hardware units. We are dedicated to applying the very latest in software technology, as proven through our applications being based, among other things, on Microsoft's .NET technology.

Mechanical engineering

At Dametric we have our own in-house mechanical engineering and design department where we build our prototypes. We have a multifunctional lathe in use that gives us considerable capacity and flexibility in development and production.

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