1976 Datek Industrielektronik AB was founded with Bengt Åkerblom as a co-partner.

1979 Datek Industrielektronik AB received a patent for the TDC (True Disc Clearance) intended for refiners. The inventor was Bengt Åkerblom.

1982 Mr Åkerblom founded D/A Production after a split-off from Datek Industrielektronik AB. The most important customer was Defibrator AB, which later became Metso Paper AB (named Valmet AB now).

1985 D/A Production moved to its own establishment at Kungens Kurva, right outside Stockholm.

1993 the RMS (Refiner Monitoring System) was developed.

1999 the WDS (Weighing Data System) was developed in collaboration with the former partner PIAB Sweden.

2001 the TMS (Thickness Monitoring System) was developed for the customer SSAB. The system is designed to monitor the coating thickness on-line on steel coils.

2002 the GMS (Gap Monitoring System) was developed, which is a further development of the RMS.

2003 the AGS (Adjustable Gap Sensor) was developed, which is an on-line self-calibrating TDC.

2005 D/A Production changed its name to Dametric, and expanded the premises at Kungens Kurva with an engineering workshop.

2008 the WDS-DS was developed, which is an arm reader that registrates RFID tags.

2014 the Service Panel was developed.

2014 the Plus sensor was developed, which is a further development of the TDC.

2017 the WDS-DC4 was developed, which is a connected RFID system.

2018 the WDS-DS5BT was developed, which is a futher development of the WDS-DS arm reader.

2018 the ConSense was developed, which is a system for conductance profile measurement.


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